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LAWS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping the animals of Laramie, WY. The Laramie Animal Welfare Society is a no-kill organization.  We also assist the work of the Laramie Animal Shelter to promote responsible pet ownership.




2021 Calendar Fundraiser


2021 LAWS Calendar Fundraiser is here!! Order yours today! 

We are officially accepting orders on LAWS 2021 calendars! These calendars feature many adorable pictures of the sweet cats and dogs we have rescued throughout 2020. This year we are doing local pick-up only the week of Christmas and two weeks after Christmas (Dec. 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th, 30th and Jan. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th) Calendars will be $20 for 1 and $50 for 3. 100% of proceeds are put directly back into our lifesaving programs! Please fill out the order form HERE 


2020 End of Year Letter - LAWS President Donald Probst 

Happy Holidays!


I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy at the end of an… unusual… year to say the least.  I am writing to catch you up on how 2020 was for the Laramie Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) and to thank you for your support of our organization and its mission.


It may sound a bit corny, but at the close of 2020, I’m reminded of a quote from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: “ Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.


There was a tremendous amount of change and activity at LAWS this year.  We began expanding our dog program, for one.   We were able to rescue 11 dogs in 2019, and expanded that number to 40 in 2020 (as of December 15).  That increase is due to tremendous work by our volunteers to find and approve fosters, as we do not have any dog-friendly facilities, as well as the hard work and dedication of the fosters themselves.


In addition to Covid-19, 2020 brought several devastating wildfires to the area as well, and LAWS was able to find temporary caretakes for pets that evacuees could not keep with them for whatever reason.  We also received Mullen, a dirty, tiny, helpless, starving kitten rescued by firefighters.   Mullen will soon be ready for his forever home because a lot of people did what was right, not what was easy.


Perhaps the biggest change for LAWS was the acquisition of a second facility.   We were able to find a unit within our budget with the intent of using it to temporarily house the feral kitties we trap as part of our Trap, Neuter, Return/Rehome (TNR) program.  The kitties, of course, had other plans.  Several of those “feral” cats turned out to be big sweethearts ready for snuggles on the  sofa , not  controlling pests in a barn.  Several also came as a “package deal” complete with “kittens in the oven”, so our new facility became more of a nursery for several litters of cuteness, which we affectionately named “The Litter Box.”   But don’t think we aren’t also rehoming working cats, too.  There’s plenty of that.


The uncertainty surrounding University Students (and everyone else for that matter) and safety protocols for Covid-19 put a serious damper on our normal procedures for training volunteers and finding foster homes for our furry charges, but once again the community stepped up in spades and got the job done!  Why did we need so many?  Read on!


W hen I say “WE”, I mean everyone.   Not just volunteers  and foster  parents, but also  our generous Donors , who make this entire thing possible.    A whole community of people doing what’s right instead of what’s easy.   Our supporters have truly gone above and beyond  this year, stepping up to provide all of those tiny little kittens the medical care and specialty equipment to keep them happy and healthy and safe.  Made sure all  t hose puppies got not just food, but toys and training and everything they need to become the awesome pets they could be.  Stepped up to donate for some life-saving, but expensive surgeries for some of our fuzzy friends.  And of course, thanks to Animal Health Center and Gem City Veterinary Services for providing such amazing care.  How much do they care?  


One of our puppies fell suddenly ill and it was quickly determined she needed emergency surgery.  She faded during the operation and died…  For a while.  The amazing vets and technicians spent  nearly 30 minutes providing CPR and fought harder than you could imagine to pull her back, stabilize her and give her a chance at life.  A little puppy they’d never met.  Who wasn’t theirs.  Who  wasn’t ANYONE’s, yet.   And that little puppy grew into a beautiful, playful, loving dog and went to her forever home just a few weeks ago!  Once again,  people  doing what’s right instead of what’s easy.


So, where is all of this leading?   Take a look at our adoptions!  As I write this the evening of December 15, we have adopted out 343 animals in 2020!  THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE!!!  How does that compare to other years?  We only had 95 adoptions in 2015, grew to 245 in 2017, and reached 261 by 2019.  Keep in mind, there are STILL over two weeks to go in 2020.  We are on pace to do 100 more adoptions than last year.  That’s 343 animals who aren’t facing frigid winds, or starvation, or falling victim to predation, or abuse, or neglect, or automobiles, or untreated diseases… 343 lives saved!  But, of course, We are still caring for animals.  We currently have in our care over 175 MORE animals.  So really, we’ve potentially saved over 500 lives this year!


So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  For the volunteers and fosters staying up all night with a sick or scared animal to the donors wondering if they’ll still have a place to live or food to eat, let alone a job  or their health a month from now but still manage to find something to help give an animal a shot at a good life, or any life at all, in some cases.  


I am grateful and humbled by your generosity of time and money to give voices to the voiceless.


Donald A. Probst

President, Laramie Animal Welfare Society




COVID-19 update

In adherence to Health and Government recommendation, the LAWS office is closed to the walk-in visits from the public until further notice.  Office Hours are by appointment only.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Should you be visiting the office for an adoption or an appointment, masks must be worn.  No exceptions.



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