Latest News Items:

St Catty's Day Donation Drive -- Sunday March 15th, 2020

We are speechless. This is so incredible. We are so lucky to be a part of such an amazing community that cares so deeply for the animals that live in Albany county. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who made this amazing amount of donations possible. Whether you liked a post, shared a post, made a donation, told your friends, or volunteered at one of our two events today, you made a difference and we are so incredibly grateful. These donations will help and pr ovide for so many animals in our community that would otherwise not have something. You provide that for them. You make the impact. You save the lives. We could not do this lifesaving work without all our amazing supporters and volunteers. Thank you again, for the bottom of our hearts!

Kitten Season -- Sunday March 1st, 2020

Kitten Season is upon us!

Cats have an average gestation time of about 66 days, meaning they can have several litters per year.  Our climate limits their "activity" to about three litters per year, which adds up to a lot of fluffy cuteness... and a LOT of work for our volunteers, expenses, and the need for somewhere to put all that fluffy cuteness!  During kitten season, we are always in need of extra donations and extra foster homes.  

Cat Rescue -- Saturday February 29th, 2020

Trapped Pet!

An extra special happy ending on this extra day of February! A Good Samaritan contacted us after she and her children heard meowing from a place where no cat should be! We went out to investigate and found a challenging situation.

We found a small opening that was hard to access so we couldn’t peek our heads inside. We tossed down some food where we heard the sad meows and took some photos. We saw an orange and white kitty about 6 feet down under a large pipe. We could find no way to access this space except through the small opening the kitty must have used to get in there. It was clear he was now unable to get out.

One of our awesome volunteers thought she recognized the cat from a lost and found post on Facebook. We contacted the family, whose kitty had been missing from their nearby home for almost a month!! When we took a close look at the kitty in our photos, we were sure it was the same cat.

We tried a lot of creative solutions to try and capture this kitty we couldn’t reach and couldn’t see except with our cameras. Finally, his family devised a small laundry basket on a rope and was able to get him to climb in the basket and pull him up.

His family is so happy to see him after so long, and we are so grateful to have many people in the community keeping their eyes and ears open for animals in need. We are sure the kitty is also grateful to be rescued from the small dark space and happy to be home with his family for food, warmth, and snuggles.

A huge thank you for everyone looking out for the animals in our community. We are here to help and so glad we could play a small part in getting this kitty reunited with his family!