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Spay Neuter Clinic -- Saturday January 8th, 2022

With a lot of help from Gem City Veterinary Services, LAWS was able to hold a TNR Spay-Neuter Clinic on January 8, 2022.  Of the 28 cats that were humanely trapped, Dr Kelcy Walker altered 25 of them (three had been previously altered, so they just got updated shots) with help from Gem City volunteers Kelly Johnson, Haley Orpet, Kalsey Rae Gaus, Daree Altergott, Justine Festa, Madison Pleaser, and Cassidy Newkirk.  A HUGE thank you ladies! 

Of the 25 cats, fourteen were females, meaning 14 litters (minimum) of kittens (average about 4 per litter) won't be born into feral colonies this spring, preventing the colonies from growing by 50+, meaning there will also be fewer starving kittens to rescue later!  All 28 got updated vaccinations to help protect them from disease as well.

Everyone Waiting their turn.


Dotting the i's and crossing the t's

Catching some ZZZZ's and getting ready for his procedure.



Fill-A-Trunk 6-5-2021 -- Sunday June 6th, 2021

A HUGE Thank You to the Amazing residents of Laramie and the surrounding areas and the the Awesome folks at Murdoch's Ranch and Home in Laramie!   LAWS hosted a "Fill-A-Trunk" donation drive yesterday at Murdoch's Ranch and Home that was more than we hoped for!  In addition to all of the food, litter, toys, milk replacer, and other very needed pet supplies shown below, you guys chipped in over $150 in cash to help pay for medical care or specialty supplies!



Caturdays are back! -- Thursday June 3rd, 2021

We are pleased to announce the return of the ever-popular Caturday event!  Stop by on select Saturdays from noon to 3:00pm to meet some of our office residents and fall in love!

Food Donation! -- Monday October 19th, 2020

Foster pup Coco wants to invite everyone to say a big thank you with her to the

for their incredibly generous donation of dog food, cat food, and yummy treats!! This will help us keep the bellies of all our fosters, like Coco, nice and full! We appreciate the generosity of this awesome company so much, especially as they drove over from Cheyenne to bring it to us! If you ever need dog or cat food and live in/near Cheyenne, you should definitely check them out!!

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Mullen -- Monday October 19th, 2020

Firefighters working on the Mullen fire found this starving lifeless kitten yesterday and thankfully reached out to us . . . His entire rescue story will be posted later - but for now he has settled in and has been adopted by sweet Coco.
Meet Mullen

Cat Rescue -- Saturday February 29th, 2020

Trapped Pet!

An extra special happy ending on this extra day of February! A Good Samaritan contacted us after she and her children heard meowing from a place where no cat should be! We went out to investigate and found a challenging situation.

We found a small opening that was hard to access so we couldn’t peek our heads inside. We tossed down some food where we heard the sad meows and took some photos. We saw an orange and white kitty about 6 feet down under a large pipe. We could find no way to access this space except through the small opening the kitty must have used to get in there. It was clear he was now unable to get out.

One of our awesome volunteers thought she recognized the cat from a lost and found post on Facebook. We contacted the family, whose kitty had been missing from their nearby home for almost a month!! When we took a close look at the kitty in our photos, we were sure it was the same cat.

We tried a lot of creative solutions to try and capture this kitty we couldn’t reach and couldn’t see except with our cameras. Finally, his family devised a small laundry basket on a rope and was able to get him to climb in the basket and pull him up.

His family is so happy to see him after so long, and we are so grateful to have many people in the community keeping their eyes and ears open for animals in need. We are sure the kitty is also grateful to be rescued from the small dark space and happy to be home with his family for food, warmth, and snuggles.

A huge thank you for everyone looking out for the animals in our community. We are here to help and so glad we could play a small part in getting this kitty reunited with his family!